Sunday, July 3, 2011


We had a very full, blessed Saturday in St. Louis.  Bryant took Greg out to eat breakfast and to ask his permission to marry Katie ~ which Greg gave him.  They talked for several hours about budgets, apartments, college, marriage, etc.

Late that afternoon, Greg & I, Katie & Bryant took a driving tour of the area to look at the college, see different apartment complexes and walked around Bryant's work place.  Then his parents and the rest of the kids came to meet us on the banks of the Missouri River at their river walk and went to eat dinner.  During the dinner, B & K went for a walk (yes, alone) and he popped the question.  They came back into the restaurant all smiles and cheery faces.

Bryant's dad ordered a bottle of champagne to toast the happy couple ~ Katie was not impressed with champagne.  After the dinner, we all walked over to "the proposal spot" for more pictures..but my camera battery decided to die.  Greg took a couple of pictures on his phone, so we will try to get them loaded onto the computer.

After our church time this morning/afternoon, we headed to the grocery store and to pick up pizza.  There were some horribly, angry, nasty clouds in the sky which resulted in a big wind/rain storm and a 4+ hour power outage.  We spent the afternoon in the darkened rooms, planning a wedding. 

We gave them the option of a wedding in Oct. or Nov.  which resulted in a wedding date of Oct. just 12 weeks.  They are all smiles and excited, I am slightly overwhelmed, we are praying for lots of guidance and wisdom.


  1. I am so excited for you. Congratulations, Katie!!! If you need any help with the wedding we would love to offer a hand or several.

  2. Wow ... good thing y'all aren't just getting started on her hope chest!

    Congrats to Katie and Bryant! LB was excited to see the pics last night.

    (Blogger won't let me comment under my own name anymore ... ugh!)

  3. Oh, it happened! I'm so happy for Katie, Donna. Truly happy. Congratulations!

  4. We will accept any and all offers!!!!!

    Thanks Kathleen! We are thrilled and she is so excited!


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