Thursday, July 7, 2011


Greg is leaving for Haiti tomorrow.  This will really be a long 9 days for both of us.  I agree with him going to minister and serve the orphans down there ~ but I am jealous that I'm not going.  Since we've never been there, he wanted to go first and check out the area & safety of making the trip, etc.  I understand all of that ~ but I've helped him get ready, been in all the team meetings, and shopped for the crafts and orphans clothes.  It doesn't help that several people keep asking me why I am not going or don't I want to go.  The latest one was last night ~ lets just say sorrowful is one of the emotions going through me right now.

Here is what they get to do while bunkbeds for the orphange ~ this may be the first bed some of these children have ever slept in, buying bulk bags of rice & beans and delivering in the village people along with oil, conducting bible school for children, preaching in revivals at night, ministering wherever and whenever possible.

We are headed to my Mom's for a week of wedding planning, shopping, visiting, hugging Allen, and crafting.  We've got dresses to buy fabric for and shoes to get ~ a trip to JoAnn's for the fabric!  Going out to eat and hopefully some lazy time too!

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