Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dr. Doolittle lives at my house

Over the years my animal loving daughter has collected quite a menagerie.  I'm convinced she is related to Dr. Doolittle.  She would not have had a problem with being on the Ark with all of Noah's animals and would've had a blast helping Adam name all in the Garden of Eden.  To her ALL animals are "cute"!

Today, she finally got her birthday bunny!  Its a mini lop doe.  She and Katie named her Bluebelle.

Its amazing that it only took 2 hours to get Amy to put her in the bunny hutch outside.

Wonder how the doggies will react when they figure out there is something living in there now? 

Love at first Bunny Sight!


  1. Poor different abled bunny only has one lopped ear. The other is sticking out like a helicopter blade.

    It is sad. So sad.


  2. You are cruisin' for a thumping Greggie!


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