Saturday, July 30, 2011

Our far

Our weekend officially started yesterday!  My darling hubby decided to take the day off ~ which is always a reason to celebrate!  We got to sleep an extra 2 hours yesterday morning, got ready to go and took the kids to breakfast at Primo's cafe.  Amy and I split an omelet plate ~ it sure was tasty.

Then we headed of to Belks for their sale. The girls each found an outfit, I got a couple of shirts, and so did Greg.  Will's got a bazzillion shirts, so we didn't even look for those for him. Then off to Lowe's for some supplies for our home improvement projects.  After some working at home, it was time to swim ~ or at least float in the pool cause we were pretty tired.

Greg fired up the grill and cooked about 80 hotdogs (not much of an exxageration) and some sausages.  I hit a huge "buy 10 packs get $5 off at Kroger" I did.  When our freezer started acting funky, we defrosted them and needed to grill them all.  Now, most are refrozen for future dinners and lunches.

We downloaded a movie from Netflicks and had a quiet family night at home.  The movie was "Iron Man 2" ~ pretty good.

Greg and I got up this morning and trekked to the co-op to buy some frozen fruit and vegies.  The guy decided to be at the co-op this weekend and next weekend.  Bought some bags of frozen raspberries, peaches, and crowder peas ~  more jelly making is in our future ~ and canning of the peas.  Then back to Belks...We decided to go ahead and get Greg's "Daddy of the bride" clothes while it was tax free weekend. He went searching for those while I started going through racks of clearance pants and jeans for Will.  I got him 3 pair for $21 total!  Then I started looking for James, Allen, Rob and Andy & found them all a pair.  I love bargains. 

Then back to Lowe's to return a couple of things and buy some more supplies. 

Got home and got to work.  The girls and I worked on replanting all the strawberry plants that had died.  The company replaced all our deceased plants ~ yeah!  Then we planted some pumpkin seeds, forsythia bushes, and a couple of trees.  There is more to plant but it just got too hot outside.  We changed our clothes and got neck deep in the pool and just floated  Greg and Will were working on some wiring for a plug for the RV hookup.  We thought it was going to work fine, but something went kaflooey and it didn't work.  More trying at a later time.  They joined us in the pool.  Our energy was zapped so we just floated ~ no swimming races today.

Katie and James' Sunday School class has a social tonight.  They are both up there for that.  Greg took Katie early, he is going to help light the stoves and set up some tables.  Then, another lazy night at home.

Tomorrow, the Haiti Mission Team will have a morning presentation about the trip.  Then in the afternoon, we will have a potluck fellowship with another church and see all the Haiti pictures and videos. 

The wedding is 9 weeks from today ~ more discarded wedding ideas will be blogged about next week...Katie is just so "traditional" ( I am Not complaining, she just doesn't see the humor and appeal of some of the great ideas we have come up with)  Katie and Bryant will be counting down the days, hours, and minutes ~ he is visiting next weekend! 

School starts on Monday! 

Happy Birthday to my nephew Brian tomorrow.....he will be 23!  Wow!

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  1. wow - you were busy! i know you loved it. say hey to everyone and i can't wait to hear the other wedding ideas!



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