Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Hello!  My name is Donna and I am a shop a holic!

But I am curing myself of that fast!

Repeatedly using the credit card and not checking with Greg first is giving me the creeps!

Even though he told me to do it, I can't call him and discuss stuff ~ so this is really weird.

I like to shop but its getting tiring!  Right now I am at the point of "lets get it and leave".

We do have 2 more places to go ~ 1 more trip to JoAnn's (ahhh, this time for some skirt fabric for me) and 1 trip to Party City.  They are conveniently located in the same parking lot.

Today I cut out and sewed Amy's bridesmaids dress ~ just the back seam and hem is left.

We got some light blue silk roses and rosebuds for the bouquets.  My sister is coming over tomorrow and we are working on the dress and bouquets.

We also found the invitations & programs at Staples to have printed.

Katie wandered around Target with her entourage and found lots of goodies to register for.  We also found the gifts for her little flower girls!

I am greatly looking forward to the weekend.  Greg will be home Sunday.  I don't mind him being gone as much as I thought I would, but we've purposely stayed busy.  But, I do mind not being able to talk to him every day ~ thats just not normal.

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  1. Okay, so the secret is to stay busy? Ronnie leaves Saturday for a week long mission trip to Alaska, so I need to know what to do!

    Sounds like the wedding plans are coming along nicely!



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