Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Update Email from the Mission Teams in Haiti this week!

Hi All,
I wanted to give you a quick update for the week so far:
Both teams are doing great and have jumped right into ministering to the kids in the communities we are serving. 
Grace Destin Team Update:
Edner had the service clubs go around the community and invite kids to the VBS. We started with 60 kids and have had extras that the team gladly brought into the mix. About 15 students from Human Care School are helping.
The team decided to use a portion of their food distribution money to provide lunch to the kids at VBS since they were not in HOB's orphan feeding program and this would be the only healthy meal most of them will get each day.
Fish and Loaves
On Day 1 we feed 60 kids, 15 boys from Human Care School, and a few stragglers for a total of 80 people.
On Day 2, we feed 100 people combined. God has truly multiplied the rice and beans and it is a meaningful gesture to these hungry children. It will be interesting to see how many more show up today. Praying that God will continue to multiply the food for all those that need it.
The kids from VBS are adorable (of course) and seem to be enjoying the lessons and the crafts.
Grace Baptist Team Update: 

The Grace Baptist team has been spending lots of time with Pastor Austern’s kids. It has been great to see how quickly old relationships were renewed and that the team is well remembered from last year. There have been many smiles from the kids and they are having fun with the team.
The bunk beds are coming along very well and everything is cut and ready to assemble. The beds are certainly needed.
Tammy's sewing class kicked off Tuesday with 20 students (8 returned from last year) and she is excited about their potential.
Pastor Jeff has been preaching a revival each night this week and we have enjoyed lots of beautiful worship in Creole. We will wrap up the revival by showing the Jesus film at the church thursday evening. Plese pray that we will reach those who are not saved and strengthen the faith of those who are.
Tuesday was market day and we were able to combine our money and purchase an amazing amount of food for distribution to needy families Pastor Austern is ministering to. We will be able to feed 42 families for a month! What a blessing it will be.
Hands and Feet 
Tuesday we were given an unexpected opportunity to be Jesus' hands and feet.
Judy from Grace Destin was holding this very frail little girl who did not move for 1 hr and 45 min. She clearly heard God tell her that if we did not intervene this little girl would die. She has had diarrhea and vomiting and was severely dehydrated. We started giving her Gatorade and took the girl to the clinic (after hours) and they determined she was not serious enough for admission and sent her home with medicine. She will return today for diagnostic tests.
We went and checked on her early this morning and she stood up on her own when we came in her room! She was still lethargic but it was truly amazing to see the difference in just 12 hours. We were meant to be here if for no other reason than this. It was a humbling experience.
Thats all for now. Everyone is eating well and the weather has still been cooler than expected!
Greater things are yet to come. Greater things are still to be done in this city.

The section highlighted in yellow is Greg's team.  Sounds like they are having a wonderful week.  He called 2 days ago and we got to talk for about 2 minutes. He says its hot, muggy and much like Honduras.  Please pray for the Lord to bless the rest of their week.

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