Monday, July 11, 2011


I've got a wedding taking up a great majority of my thinking time.  We've spent hours at JoAnn's, Bed, Bath & Beyond & Belk's.  Katie has chosen some beautiful items for her and Bryant's first home as a married couple.  Its been lots of fun watching her chose, helping her make decisions, and taking part in this process.

Our JoAnn's trips have yeilded the fabric, lace, thread, buttons, baskets and flowers for the 3 flower girls (Bryant's younger sisters).  We've bought some gorgeous for Katie's going away dress.  We've found a beautiful blue satiny fabric for the Bridesmaids (Amy & Brytni).  We've got lace, ribbons, and pearls for Katie's headpiece and ribbon for all the girls.  We've also bought flowers and ribbon to make bouquets for the bride and bridesmaids (never done that before but we are giving it a try).  Greg wants us to make the ties for the ushers and dads & we've bought the same blue satiny fabric for those.  This will be my first attempt at making ties also.  

I looked online for a top for me and found exactly what I wanted.  Then I bought blue suedecloth to make a skirt to match.  We are on the hunt now for shoes for Katie & I.  Tues. will find us at Mall of GA where they are holding a pair of shoes for the bride to try on. 

I've cut out the 3 dresses for the littlest girls.  The first step was to pleat the sleeves, then hem & put the lace on the sleeves.  Then I sewed the arm pieces to the fronts and backs of the dresses.  Next will come pleating all the dresses.  I forgot to bring my pleater, so my sister brought hers over for me to borrow.   Aunt Brenda is also fixing the sleeves on Katie's bridal dress and adding lace.  We are anxious to have the gown completed so we can mark it off our list.

We've made lots and lots of lists.  Then as things are accomplished we've redone the lists.   Having a good, complete list was extremely helpful on our 2 JoAnn's trips.

  I know that everyone has different plans and priorities for their daughters big days.  Our plans are different than most.  We are trying to do as much of the preparations for the wedding ourselves.  All the planning, buying, sewing, flower arranging, food, etc.  I am looking on it as a big party.  I've done big elaborate birthday parties and just 6 years ago, planned mine & Greg's wedding (in 6 weeks).  We had a wonderful fun time with all our family & friends and didn't break the bank.  Thats our plan for our daughters.  We want it to be special and everything they've dreamed about for a wedding but not take out a 2nd mortgage to do it.  Katie is on board and enthusiastic about all we've done and come up with great ideas we didn't think of.  We would much rather gift my children with wonderful things than go overboard on just one day.  (I've been called cheap for my approach but thats their problem not mine).

As the time goes on it keeps rolling over and over in my mind, that Katie is an adult.  She is making adult sized decisions.  The Lord has brought a wonderful, Christian young man into her life to share her future with, make dreams with, and to love.  Its going to be hard for her Mom and Dad to let her go.  But she will always be my Katie Lynn!


  1. So so sweet. I hope your trip continues to be profitable and fun. I love your philosophy on not breaking the bank. We have been to several weddings in the last few years, two just last month, and the ones that were simplier were the best.

  2. Life is such a gift! I can feel your excitement and I love hearing about all your plans. It just makes me smile.


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