Thursday, July 21, 2011


The tomatoes are thriving....I've got 6 out of the original 15 or so plants still living.  But they aren't just living, they are huge.  I tried staking them this year and have decided I like tomato cages a whole lot better.  My plants are being held up off the ground with lots of strings tied to the poles.  I put a wire cage beside one of the plants to train its long branches through and give them support.  Today I tied some of my stakes to the fence, right behind them, so the weight of the plants doesn't pull the whole thing over.  The plants have lots of blossoms and a number of tomatoes ~ but not enough to do anything with yet.  But I am not giving up on them!

The corn I planted to cover part of the fence is about 7 feet tall now.  I don't know if we will get many ears of corn, but I do like looking at the tall plants.  I don't really need any corn since I was invited to  "gleaned" from another garden.  I've got more than enough for our family and have shared our pickin's with 3 other families.

The green beans are puzzling this year.  I planted 4 boxes of beans.  I've picked enough for dinner once or twice.  The plants get flowers but then I get no beans.  I would strongly suspect the puppies of developing a bean fixation but the plants aren't trampled.  2 of the boxes are new for the green beans (previously used for squash and okra).  They got lots of composted leaves and newspaper and new dirt.  It could just be this terrible heat.  Maybe I can try again in the fall.  Sure am glad we got to "glean" green beans too.

The kids have been helping me try to control the weeds.  I'm almost ready to refer to it as "ground cover" and be glad for something green...but not quite.  They weeded and clipped in the courtyard this morning.  Then did some backyard work~it looks considerably better outside.

The sky is covered with rain clouds ~ now they need to start sharing their moisture!

Amy's baby

Bluebelles home

Out of control Tomato plants ~ now they been tied up more and weeded

Bell Pepper plants


Morning glory plant thats taking over that side of the deck

cucumber box ~

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  1. I need to make friends with your friends ... I love the idea of "gleaning" since I don't have room to plant a garden at my house and my Daddy didn't do one this year.



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