Monday, March 20, 2017

Wedding Stuffs

Months ago, Amy came up with the brilliant idea of having a food truck cater the a joke we told Greg.  He thought it was a good idea!  She picked the one she wanted ~ The Varsity in Atlanta ~ an icon in Atlanta.  We looked it up, we checked out the available menus, we found out we could book it 6 months out.  So we have been twiddling our reception thumbs waiting for 6 months.  I contacted them last week (a week over 6 months, but I was ready to have this task checked off).  I filled out the info and they typed up and emailed a contract............gasp, over $600 more than we thought it would be.  They added mileage, a service charge, an extra fee for over an hour of service, and then tax on all of that.  OK, we are not paying upwards of $20 a plate per guest for hot dogs (albeit awesome chili dogs), fries and onion rings.

Now onto plan B......well there wasn't one.

But there is now!

Plan B is us catering our daughters wedding.....this will be the 4th child we have catered for.  We are doing a Taco Bar, Nacho table, and Ice Cream Sundae cake and cupcakes.  Of course, there are tons of ideas on pinterest that we have found.  The downfall is my awesome Miss. friends are in Miss. and the wedding is in GA.  So we will most likely find some Ga friends to hire for reception help.

Here are some of our ideas ~

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Taco bar for the dinner! Me and Josh have been talking about doing this so we can invite more people. :):

Pin this Taco Bar Checklist. Taco Bars are Great for Graduation Parties, Birthdays, Home Parties & More. Pin Now... Use Later!:

Thankful for ~

a Plan B
a husband that likes to cook
a non Bridezilla daughter
6 more months to plan, figure, and create

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  1. El Taco Baro esta muy bueno! along with ice cream and cake. Dad


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