Wednesday, March 1, 2017

RV Adventure

Greg and I haven't used our RV in a long time ~ mainly because it was where one of our sons lived for a year and a half after we moved to GA.  But he moved and it was time.

Greg made us reservations at the state park where Amy is getting married in the fall.  Its a beautiful park and we wanted to explore it some. 

He got off work early on Friday and we set out (just the 2 of us) on our grand adventure.  We had food, bottled water, drinks, snacks, movies for the dvd player, etc.  We stopped on the way to fill up the propane tank for heat since it was supposed to get cold on Saturday night.....and it did.

We got to the park and set up camp.....this is where the adventure part begins.....

We didn't have the plug for the hot water heater ~ so no hot water

The water line for the running water was split ~ so it spewed water whenever turned on ~ so no running water

The lights dimmed when we turned on the tv ~ we ran a cord from the power source outside to the tv for our 2 movies we watched

We couldn't lite the oven ~ don't know why. Stovetop worked fine.

Got up Saturday morning to 2 flat tires ~ argh

Mom came and rescued us and we went home to get the air compressor for the tires. The park is an hour from our house.

Greg pumped up the tires and it seemed to work good.

We ended up with hot dogs and chili for supper cause it was fast, warm, and easy. And no oven required.

Finished watching Sound of Music and then watched Gregs new Jason Bourne movie.

Went to bed....and got so cold!  That full tank of propane and our heater blew out cold air all night long.  We had an electric blanket but there wasn't enough power to heat it ~ and no, I did not jump out of the cold bed into the colder air and run the electric cord through a crack in the window into the rv for the blanket....for the record, Greg did "ask'!

Greg repumped the tires, we explored the park and then drove home ~ thankfully, a safe and uneventful drive.

The weekend wasn't a complete disaster (just seems like it), we went on our first RV trip with no kids, we did enjoy most of our time together ~ nothing like freezing with your best friend, we found a couple of great picture spots and rehersal dinner spots for the wedding.

We are not giving up on RV trips ~ I did tell Greg I was willing for us to drive it to Hilton Head (after its fixed of course) and camp on the island! 

We are very thankful for ~

distractions (the movies)
a long, extension cord
finding a nearby shop to take it too this weekend
time away

What we learned ~

to check everything, no matter what
that laughing is better than complaining
that we are not cut out for "off grid", not w/out a lot of preparation~!!
that Ma & Pa Ingalls and Mama & Daddy Walton were tough!  Not sissies like us!
Have some easy food to prepare for "just in case".

lovely little waterfall in the park

ceremony venue

the ceremony will be in here!

beautiful craftsmanship

can't wait to see "long and white" draped over these stone steps!


  1. I did ask, but I knew the answer before I asked.

  2. I lift my Diet Coke to more grand adventures for you too! Lol! I love that you stated that laughing is better than complaining. It is a beautiful place for a wedding! I miss my sweet friends! Angela


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