Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Brain Tired

My brain is just tired of thinking.  The world is getting crazier and this Nation seems to be going bad rather quickly.  Is it just me or is it quite ironic that all the folks that are fighting for rights for certain people groups are largely silent on the lives of unborn babies?  Just something to think about! 

Our house in Miss. is for sale ~ lots of folks have looked at it.  The complaint that some folks have is that the Master closet is too small.  Kinda funny since Greg and I had our summer clothes and winter clothes hanging in there all year long, plus shoes, jackets, hats, and various other things.  And our closets here are even smaller ~ so we both now have dressers and out of season clothes are in boxes in the attic.

Moms house is for sale.  Its a beautiful house in an upscale neighborhood ~ folks complaints ~ it needs updating.  Yes, it has wallpaper in the bathrooms, has carpet in the living areas and tile in the sunroom, kitchen and bathrooms.  Oh, gasp, no granite countertops.  Picky, picky, picky.  How about its move in ready, neutral colors, huge screened porch, sunroom, 2 story stacked stone fireplace?  Different strokes for different folks.

And she has found a house ~ about 3 minutes from us.  Small neighborhood, nice smaller home.  Inspection is Thursday.  It needs a couple of things ~ she wants the carpet out of the bathroom....carpet in the bathroom is just nasty.  Also, it comes with all the furniture ~ the family is moving overseas.  So when the deal is done, and the closing is finished.  All the grandkids get to go through and pick stuff and haul it out.  The rest will be garage sale or donated. 

Anyway, lots to think about it.  I did appreciate the prayer time Franklin Graham had on facebook yesterday for wisdom for the republican and democratic conventions, for police officers, and for the Lord to heal our Land.  I am sure you can find it by searching on fb either under his name or Operation Christmas Child. 

Thankful for ~

freedom of speech (everyones)
new homes and new beginnings
helpful real estate agents (hers and ours)
days of relaxation ~ when we get them!


  1. Saleing and buying a home is always hard. We are in the middle of buying land and having a house build. Will be glad when it is all done.

  2. Hang in there, I've been through the sales of 10 homes and they have varied in size and year. My family just purchased a 1968 home on over 5 acres with a pond and we all love it, love it better then our modern 4 floor 2001 home. This home has character and love of families before us. The right person is out there for your home and you want someone to love it and treasure it as you have, it will happen. :-) I wish you the best! This world so much to say there isn't it? So sad all that is falling apart around us, I pray every day and try to focus on the good. Some days it's all we can do.
    Enjoy the evening.



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