Friday, July 22, 2016

Sewing Time

In all our house busyness, and gardening work and preserving the bounty work, I haven't sat down at my sewing machine in weeks.  Quite sad!  This week, I've had 2 days to sit down and work on machine applique projects ~ a new technique to me.  I did my first project on a scrap piece of fabric leftover from another project, it turned out great!  Then I moved to a kitchen towel!  The top chicken is my first project on Wed. and the 2nd was my Thursday project.  I desperately needed new kitchen towels, and decided to decorate them! 

I liked my chicken on the scrap piece too, so I duplicated the 2nd one on a scrap.  I think I will do about 4 more on the fabric and turn it into a chicken table runner ~ my scrap was actually 2 18" long pieces, so I figure I can get 3 chickens on each piece.  These projects are also using my boxes of scraps that I organized in the spring.  Its much easier to look through a photobox size of little scraps than a big blue tote. 

These chickens came from an applique set produced by Designs by JuJu ~  She has loads of designs ~ everything I have bought from her has stitched out beautifully ~ and she has great sales!  If you love machine embroidery, then you should check her out!  (free advertising....I just really like her designs!) New discovery ~ I just went on the site again....she has 90+ free scripture designs for download....FREE!  On the homepage, click the Bible Verses box on the right side.  This is exciting~at least to me!

Greg got all my new sets downloaded for me last night ~ so I am ready to explore those files today!  Lots of new projects on the horizon! 

Sunday morning I got a sweet gift from a friend that knows I love chickens!  These towels are adorable!

Thankful for ~

sweet gifts for no reason
date nights with my hubby
great sales on designs
free designs
time to sew


  1. Very cute! I love those towels. :)

  2. So charming! How satisfying that your hard work reorganizing your fabric is paying off now.


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