Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Blessing!

Yesterday I skipped going to the garden ~ it was just too hot, my foot hurt (dropped a canning jar on my toe), and I was just too lazy.  Sitting in the air conditioning seemed like a better idea.  This morning I went out with the little blue basket pictured below.  I quickly exceeded that basket and switched to the yellow, 5 gallon bucket and just about filled it.  I was so excited to find a green bean ready to pick....and that excitement turned into the garden happy dance when I saw the loaded plants!  Green beans are my favorite vegetable~  Greg has lots of squash casseroles in his future too!  Now its time to chop and freeze squash, slice zucchini and snap beans!  All of which can be done in the air conditioning ~ thankfully!

Thankful for ~

lots of yellow squash
2 more zucchini
green beans!
ripening blueberries
gardening weather ~ would like a little more rain

1 comment:

  1. What a nice harvest! I's currently harvesting lettuce, radishes, strawberries and the first of the raspberries and cherries.


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