Tuesday, June 21, 2016

A Loud House

This past weekend, our house was loud and full of folks ~ to celebrate both Fathers Day and Greg's preaching his first Sunday morning Sermon in church (he did an AWESOME job on The Sovereignty of God).  A little kitchen work was done (backsplash), the gate on the little dog yard was completed, Greg got in some studying for Sunday morning, and lots of playtime with our little buddies ~ all 4 buddies were here on Saturday afternoon and for dinner.  The boys wore their Hawaiian outfits we bought last fall for pictures ~ and true to form....trying to get 4 little guys (4 & under) to sit still and get in one picture is challenging~

Thomas ~ age 2

Robert ~ just a few days shy of his 4th birthday

Alvin ~ our cabbage patch doll!  age 9 months

the digger tractor got a workout on Saturday

"I can do it myself!"

Thomas prefers the slower train speed.

PaPa had some study distractions

Aiden loved peeking around the corner of the office and seeing PaPa ~ he had never been in this room and was fascinated!
And there is my cousins picture ~ Aiden escaping off the couch & Alvin was asleep in the bedroom!

kitchen backsplash!
Thankful for ~

Greg's diligence in study to bring the Truth of Gods Word
His opportunity to preach
Our family that was able to come to church on Sunday (we packed a pew!)
Laughter of grandchildren
Our dishwasher ~ it got a workout with 6 company meals in 2 days
My daughters cleaning the kitchen after lunch on Sunday
My Life

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