Thursday, June 23, 2016

Mesh Wreaths

Mom bought several rolls of the deco mesh last year from Walmart - on clearance!  And then she handed them to me to do something with.  They sat here for months ~ taunting me.  I looked on Pinterest and found a couple of ideas, then I just decided to make up my own.  You need the deco mesh~ my rolls are 30 feet long and you use 95% of that!  A wire wreath frame ~ ours were 12 inches.  And pipe cleaners....only they aren't called that any more.  For a while they were known as chenille stems now (at Walmart) they are called Fuzzy Sticks.  I guess calling them pipe cleaners inplies you are going to use them to clean your pipe.  Whatever!  Our art supplies now have to be politically correct.  For the sake of the rebel in me....they are pipe cleaners! 

one package from Walmart was enough for 3 wreaths with leftovers
Gather the mesh & twist the pipe cleaner around the end then twist the pipe cleaner to the inside ring of the form
the inside ring is done ~ more on the mesh below

this is what the back looks like with all the pipe cleaners

then I twisted all the pipe cleaners neatly around the form

the finished wreath!

I did 2-3 loops on the inside sections of the wreath and 3 loops on the outside sections.  I only did the inside and outside, the fullness of the loops fills in the middle sections.  My loops were gathered about every 7 inches...but I didn't measure and do it exactly.  This mesh is about 24 inches wide, so you've got a lot of fullness after you fluff the loops.  This stuff is very forgiving and I don't think you could mess it up!  As long as you use your pipe cleaners.....fluffy sticks!  It does come in handy to clip the "sticks" in half before you start.  Also, you use one continuous piece of mesh, don't clip off 7" inch pieces and do individual loops.  After you fluff it will fill in all the gaps.

Thankful for ~
craft supplies
clearance sales
time to craft

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