Monday, May 23, 2016

Kitchen Update

The kitchen cabinets are done~and what a vast improvement over the blue/white formica cabinets.  I love the color of the wood ~ Greg, James and Will did a great job hanging them.  Greg is going to paint the wall behind the top cabinets and we are going to display some of our salt and pepper shaker collection and other small items up there.  There is probably 6 inches between the top of the cabinet and the ceiling.  The new countertops will come next week and then we will do the backsplash and windowframe/sill. And there is the floor to consider ~ we've changed our mind several times about what to use, but I think we have decided on a wide plank ceramic tile. There is one cabinet left to install and its been ordered.  Its a narrow 9" cabinet that will go between the fridge and the corner cabinets.  A perfect spot to stand up all of our serving trays.

New over the sink light we found on clearance!

Yay!  Organization!

Spice cabinet!

waiting for the countertop!
Thankful for ~
finished cabinets
Amy's help with filling the cabinets
handyman husband & sons
the almost finished project
finding space for everything

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  1. So pretty! You are really making progress. I can tell you're happy about it. ;o)


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