Friday, May 20, 2016

More Summer Fun Ideas

Here are some more fun ideas ~

*Vacation Bible School (VBS) ~ music, bible lessons, crafts, snacks ~ a kids paradise...and if your kids are too old to participate, they can volunteer to help.
*Craft Days at Home Depot and Lowes
*Shopping trip to Dollar Tree ~ let the kids earn money doing extra chores and spend it at the dollar store ~ lots of cool stuff in there that's good quality
*Park days ~ take a picnic ~ find one with swings, slides, things to climb on ~ run out some of that summer time energy
*Art days ~ paper, glue, crayons, markers, etc....lots of fun there.  Make birthday cards to send to grandparents or gift tags for parties the kiddies are invited to.
*Pick a topic to learn about and go all out ~ dinosaurs, cars, a period in history, fashion, plants, lizards....whatever.  You can find tons of resources online for this ~ pictures, word search puzzles, scrapbooking ideas etc. 
*Go to a "Pick Your Own" patch ~ strawberries, blueberries etc.  Then come home and make yummy treats with your produce.
*Service Days ~ find ways to serve others and teach your children about giving of themselves, their time and talents
*Give Back to the Community ~ is it ok to give your local policemen, firemen, etc. treats?  Can you bake cakes and take them to the stations with a thank you note for protecting your home and community? 
*Take a class ~ sometimes ballet & gymnastics offer a summer fun class schedule for your child to try out.  Or Karate, tennis, sports camp, sewing, crochet, etc.
*Reading program ~ does your local library or book store offer a summer reading program ~ sign up and read!  Some even offer prizes at the end.  And this is usually FREE!
*Have a summer party ~ for no reason ~ in your backyard, at the park, etc.  All the families could bring food to share.
*Beach ~ do you live near one?  Collect shells, watch the tides, swim, make a sand castle, walk

Have some rainy days activities on hand ~

Games ~ monopoly, Yahtzee, dominoes, phase 10, Uno, etc.
Art supplies
plenty of books
Special snacks to pull out for movie days

I am sure there are loads of ideas I haven't thought of ~ use your imaginations, ask the kids ~ you don't have to think of everything alone.  I feel certain that if you get on Pinterest and type in summer activites you will have many more ideas than days to fill.

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