Friday, May 13, 2016


We've been planting our garden plots and praying for an abundant harvest.  Our plants/seeds include tomatoes, yellow squash, zucchini, Brussel sprouts, corn ~ lots of corn, green beans ~ bush and pole, carrots, onions, watermelon, potatoes and more I have probably forgotten. Oh, we planted cantaloupe too and some critter ate all our plants.

The back field is the corn field (mostly).  Greg's had a lot of fun plowing on his tractor and we've got many rows of corn coming up.  I don't know what we will do with all the corn....the chickens will get some of it.  And I should have an abundance of corn stalks to decorate in the fall with. 

We've surrounded our green bean patch with a chicken wire fence and so far we've kept all the plants.  Something kept eating them last year in the lower field.  That patch is moved up to the middle, closer to the house.  Yesterday, James took our old shutters and nailed them together into tepee shape and I planted pole beans around them.  I also filled in the bush bean rows that had gaps with more seeds. 

The grandsons have a love/dislike relationship with the tractor.  Robert (almost 4) loves to ride with his PaPa on the tractor and will grudgingly give up his seat for his brother.  Thomas (2) rides because he has to do what his brother does, but I don't think he is real enthusiastic about it.  Aiden (20 months) will sit there for a picture but he doesn't want to ride and would prefer his PaPa to get down from the tractor also.  Alvin (8 months) doesn't care.  I have fun taking pictures of the boys and their PaPa on the tractor ~ and Greg loves to take them on rides.

PaPa and Robert

PaPa and Aiden
I am very please with my heirloom tomato plants growing from seeds.  They seem to be quite sturdy plants and will be planted in the garden soon ~ they are still residing in pots on my picnic table in the back yard.  They will be awesome on sandwiches, burgers, or just sliced for eating.  The regular tomatoes I am going to use for salsa.

Pole bean supports inside chicken wire fence
Corn ~ lots of corn

Heirloom tomato plants

non heirloom tomatoes and on the far left is squash

Thankful for ~

beautiful green plants
the promise of harvest
the abundance of our blessings
land to plant our gardens
the tractor & tractor PaPa
4 little guys who love to play on the farm
(ok, honestly so far Alvin likes to play in the sunroom, but he is getting there!)
In other inside news ~ the kitchen is progressing and the rest of my cabinets came in this week.  We are picking them up tonight!  Wood cabinets beat blue/white formica cabinets ~ hands down!  Here is a sneak peek!

Isn't is gorgeous?  The cooktop has been added to the "hole"

Gregs pool table is covered in all the cabinet stuff

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