Tuesday, May 17, 2016


We all have varying concepts of sin.  Everyone has different ratings of sin ~ as in, this one is worse than that one.  The country seems "hell bent" on excusing various sins, making excuses for them, and catering to them....much to the opposition of a majority of folks. 

If you commit a sin (definition ~ if the Bible calls it a sin....its still a sin), and it affects only you ~ that's between you and the Lord.  If your sin affects others, its a different story.  If you expect everyone to accept your sin, you are asking for too much.  If you are demanding that your sin is not only accepted but legal and are demanding rights to have special exceptions then you are stepping way over the line.  If you are threatening to sue folks over not catering to your sins and demanding that laws need to be changed to give you the privileges to act however you want, wherever you want, whenever you want, however you feel on a certain day, you've reached immorality.

We will all be held accountable for our actions.  The good Lord did not make mistakes when he created each one of us.  He made us in His own image. 

I think we need prayer and Bible back in the schools.  Students of all ages need to learn what morality is and what is right & wrong (no gray areas).  Parents need to tell their kids to grow up and behave.  What used to be an embarrassing topic (pick any topic) is now in the open and we are expected to embrace it and cater to it.  That's just Hogwash.  Everyone needs to behave and keep their sins to themselves instead of parading them around and demanding special privileges. 

And yes, if you were born a guy...go to the mens bathroom (picture of the guy in pants), if you were born a gal....go to the ladies bathroom (picture of the lady in a skirt/dress).  Same for dressing rooms. 

Stepping off the soapbox now!

Thankful for ~
parents who taught me right from wrong
parents who didn't let me get away with everything
friends & neighbors with the same moral values
a strong Christian foundation based on Truth

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