Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Happenings ~~~~~

*It got cold again ~ argh! 

*Got 5 trays of seeds started and they mostly all sprouted

*Praying our peach blooms don't freeze and fall off

*Greg is replacing the floor in my sewing room ~ having to do it in sections and move everything to lay down the floor then move it again to pull up more carpet.  The floor is a vinyl tile and the old floor is nasty carpet.  James is in charge of carpet ripping out.

*Found out our kitchen has a subfloor.  Its built up about 6 inches ~ the tremendously ugly vinyl flooring is underneath it...I think this is the 3rd different vinyl we have found in our remodeling.  However, knowing there is a subfloor will make it easier when we fix the soft spot in front of the fridge in the kitchen.

*Smocked my great niece a dress ~ now to finish sewing it together

*Ready for the warmer weather to come back

*We are sorting and getting rid of stuff.  Should have done this before we moved and did to some extent, but not enough.  The local thrift store is the recipient of our donations. 

*Helping mom sort, toss, donate, etc. at her house before it goes on the market.  And pack!

*Am so excited and proud that my nephew passed his Marine Corp. Officer Candidate School & will graduate & be commissioned as an Office this weekend!  My sister and her family are traveling up to Quantico, VA to join in the festivities!  Yay Brian!

Thankful for ~

pictures of my grandsons on facebook
a new floor
getting rid of the unimportant
a young man achieving his dream
Quantico's photos of the training and exercises (quite fun to look at)
laughter around the table at Sunday lunch at church
Chocolate!  Always thankful for chocolate! 

Saw a cute Sewing machine picture tip on Facebook today ~

Now I know what that little drawer is for on the front of the machine base!  Great information! 

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  1. Congratulations to your nephew! That is quite an accomplishment. :) I have decided that I now want a sewing machine with a chocolate dispenser too. ;)


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