Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Homemakers ABC's

While purging my valuable collections (junk), I came across this ABC acrostic for homemaking and wanted to share ~~~~~

Always remember you are doing an important job.
Bake homemade cookies to keep your cookie jar full.
Cook delicious and nutritious meals for the family.
Dance with the children in the rain.
Examine your home for dust bunnies.
Frown upon bad manners.
Guide your household with wisdom.
Hide laundry in the bathtub when the neighbor pops over.
Ignore the words "she's just a homemaker".
Joyfully serve your family's needs each day.
Kiss your husband in the morning.
Laugh at burned toast ~ tomorrow it won't matter.
Make home a place they "love to come home to."
Never assume your children will always make you happy.
Open your home to minister to others.
Put on an apron today.
Quiet your heart when you feel like yelling.
Rest ~ you need it to cope with tomorrow.
Smile a lot.
Take care of yourself ~ you are hard to replace.
Understand that no homemaker is perfect.
Virtuous women don't get their qualities overnight.
Wash their socks and pray for the path they will take.
Xpect company when you least expect them.
Your actions wills always speak louder than your words.
Zealously guard 'home" ~ you are the keeper.
(2008 Homemakers Mentors, LLC, Martha Greene & Rebekah Wilson)

I do some of these well, need to work on others, and have failed at quite a few.  I've never put the laundry in the bathtub, but have crammed it into the hamper and put the lid on it.  I love the socks idea ~ I pray the Lord will guide and direct the paths my children's feet take, especially now that they are grown and out of the house.

From my bible study "Lies Women Believe", I read a wonderful prayer for children this morning.  The end of the Prayer is "I pray that You will open their hearts to the Truth, that their wills be brought into submission to Yours (the Lord), and that You will protect them from choices they will one day regret." To me, this would apply to my children and grandchildren.

Thankful for ~
resources from Godly women
the ability to share
seeing prayers answered for my children
finding jewels like the ABC's
daily reminders of the Lords goodness & mercy

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