Wednesday, March 30, 2016


The chickens are loving the warmer weather and we are getting several dozen eggs per week.  I've now got many dozens frozen in baggies for the future (ran out of egg cartons).  To freeze them, I broke 2 eggs into a bowl, scrambled them together with a fork and put into ziplock sandwich bags.  I laid them on my cookie sheets so that they froze flat.  After they were frozen, I put the baggies into a Ziploc freezer bag, labeled and stuck them in the big freezer.  Putting them on the cookie sheet insures they are nice and flat and easy to store.  About 1/2 way through, I figured out it was easier to just break the eggs into the baggie and after zipping it, squish the bag with my fingers.  The yoke and the white just need to be mixed a little.  It saved some time to do it all in the bag!

Thankful for ~

colorful chicken breeds
different colored eggs
the ladies greeting me at the coop door when I feed them
lots of eggs
the Lords creativity depicted in His creations

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