Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Springtime brings out the beautiful azalea blooms ~ the former owner planted lots of them and I love them!  Many different colors also~

And then everything else that flowers ~~~~~

the amaryllis is coming to life

beautiful tiny violets ~ the hosta is coming forth too !

Dogwood blossom ~ we have 3 dogwood trees!

not sure what this is, but its pretty

The largest blueberry bush is covered in blooms
We've got 2 irises that have bloomed but I haven't gotten a picture yet.  Our new little apple trees survived the winter.  Most of our seeds have sprouted in the cups that Amy and I planted.  I've transplanted the tomatoes to larger pots.  The hydrangea bushes are putting on leaves.  And I saw yesterday a BLOOMING wisteria at the edge of our yard.  Its a big ~ all caps ~ deal because the one I planted in MS NEVER bloomed.....ever.  I love the way they look with the lavender flowers!

Thankful for ~

the beauty of springtime
plants coming back to life after the winter
blooming surprises in the yard
warmer temps to get outside
planning the garden


  1. The tree that you are not sure of looks like a flowering plum. We have one in our backyard also. :)

    1. Thanks Debbie! We weren't here when everything bloomed last year (in the moving process), so we are finding lots of surprises this spring.


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