Friday, February 12, 2016


Today is Thomas' 2nd birthday ~ he is our 2nd Grandson!  Little Thomas is cuddly, quite the talker, loveable, has awesome facial expressions, full of personality, and his favorite phrase is probably "hold me".  He bring lots of joy and excitement to our lives! He loves his blankies & pacie, molk (milk) and bananas.  Eating with a fork or spoon is too slow for him and he shoves in the food with his non utensil hand ~ lasagna, chicken pot pie, oatmeal, whatever!  He does not like the little dogs but tolerates Mack.  Loves to feed the chickens as long as I am holding him.

ignoring the camera ~ but awfully cute in his Hawaiian shirt

riding PaPa Gregs childhood rocking horse

That's his Stonewall expression ~ taking baby brother for a wagon ride

contemplating how much flour and sugar he can eat while helping bake cupcakes

getting a ride in Auntie Amy's old doll stroller

Katie & Thomas
We are thankful for ~
A happy healthy Thomas
our 4 grandsons ~ Robert, Thomas, Aiden, & Alvin
the blessing of grandparenthood

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