Thursday, February 18, 2016

Consignment Shopping

Since moving back to GA, I've shopped at a huge consignment sale in our area.  This sale features baby, children, and teen clothing & shoes, bedding, tons of toys, books, games, movies, etc.  With 4 little grand blessings to buy for, its a lot of fun to go look and find them goodies.  I usually have a list of sizes and what their moms want for them ~ and after I cover the essentials, I get to throw in some goodies when I find them! 

This sale I got my Cutler boys a little tykes picnic table, several outfits for each for the 3 of them and pajamas!  I got Aiden a little tykes basketball goal, outfits, and jammies.  And our house got 4 new to us Vegie Tales CD's for the little guys to watch when they visit.  Amy and I got 2 scrabble games for the letter pieces....we found some cute projects on pinterest to do with them.  The 2 games cost $5 total.  I also found Will 2 nice pairs of cargo shorts for the summertime.

The basketball goal and the picnic table were the 2 things I really wanted for the boys.  Robert, Thomas, & Alvins backyard is fenced in, so their table is going outside for spring/summer fun.  There were 6 basketball goals ranging in price from $10-$15, and one stuck in the back for $2.  It was an easy choice!  The $2 came home with me, we have to buy a ball to go with it.  Walmart has some smaller size sports balls for kids so that's where we will go. 

Since I volunteered at the sale, I earned some $$ credit for time "on the job", so out of pocket, my cost was $20 for all that I got! 

I found the boys incredibly cute stuff.  I found Robert some size 4T jeans that appear to have never been worn for $1 each, he got 3 pair.  They love Cars, so they got car jammies, I even found Alvin some to match his big brothers!  Aiden is into Toy Story right now and I found him a cute toy story shirt and 2 pairs of jammies also. 

Consignment shopping is the way to go for little ones.  They outgrow their clothes long before they wear them out (usually), so its a great money saver. 

Its definitely worth seeking out these sales, especially if you have lots of littles to buy for!

Now, someone needs to have us a grand daughter blessing cause all the girlie stuff is adorable! 

Thankful for ~
grandchildren to buy goodies for
finding specific items I wanted
great prices
lots to chose from

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  1. Oh I love a good sale! You did so well with those finds. I also keep a list of things my grandsons need and will call their mother when I see something that I think they or she might like and will pick it up for them if she says yes. :) Our toy box here is filled with toys that we have found at thrift stores and yard sales.


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