Monday, February 22, 2016

More on Consignment Sales

You hear & see many interesting things at consignment sales ~ from both the sellers and the buyers. 
This relates back to the post from a couple of weeks ago about be careful how you speak and your tone, etc. 

I had mama's come through the line for cutting their tags off and the checkout/pay line who did nothing but complain ~ about their children, prices on items, the line they had to wait in, etc.  The most complaints I heard were about their own children ~ one mom was buying loads of name brand, expensive clothing for her teen daughter (maybe I could mention here that the shorts had a tad more fabric than underwear does, but not much), and said She is so picky, She probably won't wear any of this and I will just have to get rid of it ~~~~ and on and on and on.  Good grief, knock the little princess off her pedestal and introduce her to the real world.

Then there was the gal that I checked in who had 3 completely full racks of "in perfect condition" blue jeans for girls.  Curiosity got the best of me and I did ask how many daughters she had ~ answer ~ 3.  But they love jeans.  As she was putting stuff out on the floor, I counted one of the racks of jeans....150 pair ~ she had 3 racks....that's approximately 450 pairs of blue jeans for 3 girls.  Talk about excessive.  She even said ~ oh, they love the $60 jeans from xxxx store and we buy them all the time.  In my mind, there are 3 teen girls that need a clothing budget, and possibly jobs to feed their blue jean obsession.  She priced them at $5 a pair, I hope she sold them all because that would have been a blessing to many people.  It does make ya wonder what kind of job her husband has to feed that blue jean addiction ~ and I feel sorry for their future husbands who will be getting a wife who is used to this extravagance. 

I heard loads of moms talking about how they let their kids wear anything they want, how they grew up poor so they give their kids anything, how they love to shop and get away from their little "brats", one of my favorite (not) was the lady enthusiastic about homeschooling (her 2 children were with her) and the gal in my line loudly stated that schools were there for a reason and kids needed to be in them ~ I did speak up and congratulate the mama on homeschooling and shared with her that I had homeschooled for 18 years....that hushed the loud gal.  (Homeschooling isn't for everyone ~ but niceness and manners can question and disagree without being nasty, especially in front of her kids).

And the comments about their husbands.  One lady wanted to split up her purchase and only put $15 on her husbands credit card so he didn't know how much she spent ~ the rest went on her card (guess they have separate accounts).  Sad thing was, the person checking them out was fine with it and said she does it all the time to hide her purchases from her husband.  Hummmm, that's just wrong.

The best conversation I had all week was the last day ~ a mom came to my checkout loaded down with books, games, and educational materials ~ she was going to start homeschooling next year...what a fun time of sharing.  She paid for everything and thanked me for the inspiration to begin her homeschooling journey in the fall~  that was all worth it!

Thankful for ~
my kids who weren't that picky as teens
& kids that saved their money to purchase items they "had" to have
time to share with others about homeschooling
seeing the treasures everyone found
being thankful for what we have
finding items to buy for others and bless them with

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