Thursday, February 25, 2016

"Lies Women Believe"

Amy and I are participating in a ladies Bible study at our new church.  The guide we are studying is "Lies Women Believe and the Truth that sets them free" by Nancy Leigh DeMoss.  Its a great Biblically based study, and we are enjoying our time studying with ladies at our church.

Here is an overview of the book ~

Chapter 1 ~ Truth or Consequences
Chapter 2 ~ Lies Women Believe About God
Chapter 3 ~ Lies Women Believe About Themselves
Chapter 4 ~ Lies Women Believe About Sin
Chapter 5 ~ Lies Women Believe About Priorities
Chapter 6 ~ Lies Women Believe About Marriage
Chapter 7 ~ Lies Women Believe About Children
Chapter 8 ~ Lies Women Believe About Emotions
Chapter 9 ~ Lies Women Believe About Circumstances
Chapter 10 ~ Countering Lies with Truth
Chapter 11 ~ The Truth That Sets Us Free

We are currently on Chapter 5 ~ Priorities.

  Which is particularly applicable in todays world ~ prioritize the work the Lord has for you each day and accomplish those things first.  Everyone's list will be different & your list everyday may vary.  If at all possible, its great to start the day with prayer and Bible reading.  You can pray before your feet ever hit the floor, or while you are nursing a baby, or taking a shower, or cooking breakfast.  If you have a houseful of little blessings you can "listen" to the Bible on tape, cd or tablet ~ as sitting & reading may not happen. 

My priorities include ~ prayer/bible study, taking care of my husband, family, care of our household, animal care, mission projects, etc.  And I am still blessed with plenty of time to sew, read, cross stitch, blog, facebook, play games.  But I try to do the important first ~ it helps the day go much smoother. 

Thankful for ~
this study for women
the opportunity to do this with Amy
the laughter we share with other ladies
realizing we don't have to do "it all"
Gods Word

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