Monday, February 29, 2016


Happy Birthday to my Katie Lynn!  (I'm sorry this is a day late!)  Katie became my 2nd daughter when Greg and I married Sept. 2005.  Not many folks are blessed to get a daughter that is as tall as them and almost a teen, but I was.

I has been fun watching Katie in her role as a mommy to 3 very active little boys.  Robert, Thomas, and Alvin keep the household lively.  I am also excited that she is beginning to homeschool little Robert for preschool.  What a special bond to have with a child.  After all, you teach them how to eat with a fork, go potty, put on shoes....why not also teach them letters and counting. 

Thankful for ....
the blessing of another daughter
her sweet smile
awesome hugs
watching her grow as a wife and mommy
the fun we have

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  1. Ah. Such cute pictures. Memories are so fun. Best wishes to the birthday girl.


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