Friday, October 2, 2015

Pearl Harbor

Anyone who grew up in the United States ~ had a history lesson or 2 about The Pearl Harbor attack on December 7, 1941 ~ but if you need a refresher nudge you can read about it here

We always hear about the devastating casualties to the US, which were extensive.  But there were also casualties to the Japanese ~ deaths, planes lost....which I don't remember hearing in a history lesson.  A comment was made to us before our trip about a family members visit to the historic site ~ "several Japanese tourist were on their tour and they seemed to have the attitude of triumph because of the Japanese victory".  I thought about that for several days, and then the thought occurred to me ~ do Americans look like that to others when we visit Nagasaki or Iwo Jima or other places of great victory for the allies.  Just a thought.

The Arizona is directly below the Memorial ~


USS Missouri

Greg tried on a $600 leather fighter jacket ~ we didn't purchase.

Broken glass from a hangar at Hickam Field on Dec. 7

USS Bowfin Submarine ~ the original Teak deck has been replaced by metal slates because of the many visitors

Even at 5'2", the hatch was too short for me

Sample weekly menu from the Bowfin ~ men on the submarine ate well!

We are thankful for ~
the country we live in
the Men & Women of our Military who protect our Nation
the sacrifices of the military families
the opportunity to visit & pay honor to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice
those who work hard to preserve these historic sites

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