Thursday, October 1, 2015

Bucket List Vacation

Greg and I just returned from an awesome "Bucket List" Vacation ~ we were blessed with the opportunity to visit someplace we've always wanted to go ~ our 50th state Hawaii.  We left on Sept. 21 and arrived back today. 

So items we accomplished on our Bucket List ~

visit Pearl Harbor
go to a Luau & show
see volcanoes (as up close as you can get)
swim in the Pacific Ocean (cold)
drive around the islands (Oahu & the Big Island)
see a lava tube
watch the sunset (pictures to follow)
take loads of pictures (2- 2 gig cards & then bought a 16 gig card)
visited the Dole Pineapple Plantation & ride the Pineapple Express
visit a Coffee Farm or Plantation
go deep sea fishing (didn't catch anything)
got a flower lei (purple)
found lighthouses
buy Hawaiian fabric

Things we did that weren't originally on the bucket list

taste poi (pretty tasteless, lovely lavender color)
stand in the crater at Diamond Head
eat poi rolls (absolutely delicious)
see steam vents at volcanoes
battle time zone changes ~ hard!
toured a submarine at Pearl Harbor
ate from a Food Truck
Saw bullet holes from the P Harbor attack
stood at the table where the surrender treaty was signed
went to the Southern most point of the United States
followed the road from one end to the other on Oahu
saw a sea turtle
got stuck in traffic from the Aloha Festival Parade
found the Wood shop and bought Greg Koa wood for projects
saw a blow hole at the ocean

Here are our beautiful sunset shots from Oahu ~

Thankful for ~

time away with Greg
fun & sun
new adventures
another birthday
having a rental car so we could explore on our timetable
children old enough to "hold down the fort"

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