Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Right now, its cold and nasty and rainy outside.  Perfect day (yesterday & today) to work on inside projects, drink hot spiced tea and hot chocolate, and cuddle under quilts.

Now that our doggies flea infestation is eradicated, we've let them come in to warm up too.  My sewing room has been puppy proofed so that no fabric will be damaged due to a hiked leg from Chip or Oreo.  Amy has started training because they have forgotten how to act inside ~ cheerios are the treat.  Licorice enjoyed sitting in my lap today while I was at the embroidery machine.

Our crockpot has been getting a workout.  The convenience of putting dinner in it in the morning and then having it cooked by dinnertime is great.  Today its cooking one of Gregs favorite soups ~ split pea.  The recipe came out of my "Fix it and Forget it" cookbook.

Gregs got our bedroom painted and the pool table is put together and in the sunroom.  Which caused some rearranging of what was already out there.  He has worked hard on the garage.  About 1/3 of it is now his 'man cave".  It contains a sofa, 2 easy chairs, coffee table, tv and WWii system.  That section of the garage has been insulated, pictures hung and on one wall there is pegboard for tool storage. 

Yesterday, he deleted everything off the laptop that is for the embroidery machine and reinstalled windows and the embroidery software.  I haven't been able to use the machine since we moved because the laptop and machine weren't communicating.  I am thankful to have a handy, computer literate husband.

Amy and I are ready for Thanksgiving ~ me because everyone will be here and we will have lots of fun.  Her because Austin will be here and they haven't seen each other since August~  He and his parents are coming for the holiday & weekend.  We will all be volunteering for 2 shifts at the Operation Christmas Child center here in Atlanta.  Amys brothers and sisters and Granny are anxious to meet this young man. 

Blogging 2 days in a row!  I hope the 6 folks that read this blog are excited! 

Thankful for ~

no more fleas
cooler weather
Amazon prime music (Manheim Steamroller was sewing music today)
hot tea and hot chocolate
warm clothes
at home days

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