Monday, October 26, 2015

Date Day

Greg and I had a date day last week.  We took last Wednesday and rode up to Ellijay ~ to look at leaves, buy apples, eat lunch, and enjoy our time together. 

It took us about 2 hours to reach Ellijay and start looking for an apple farm.  Actually, there are so many that we really didn't have to search.  We found one that we had heard about at church and bought 1/2 bushel of  winesap apples, 1/2 bushel of granny smith apples, and a box of sweet potatoes.  The apples will be made into apple jelly and apple butter.  The sweet potatoes will be devoured and thoroughly enjoyed.  And we were thrilled that they were Mississippi sweet potatoes which are yummy!

Many years ago, my dad co-owned a piece of property in Cherry Log (near Ellijay).  My boys and my sisters boys named the property "Bills Lake" for the trout pond in front of the cabin and the lake up the hill~ a lake large enough for a row boat.  There was lots of  fishing, hiking, stomping in the creek, and feeding the trout.  I wanted to find the property and see if it had changed any....the road that went to the property is now an overgrown path.  We didn't try to get up the hill but I'm confident that it was the right property.

We wanted to eat at a favorite barbeque spot but it was closed.  We found another one that was good but not fantastic.

Next we went to another apple farm that was a fantastic spot.  Besides apples they had fruit, vegetables, a bakery section, and gi-normous pumpkins.  This place had honeycrisp apples ~ my favorite.  We got mom a bag of sweet potatoes and we bought 2 fried apple pies.  I hate to say it, but we didn't think the fried pies were very good...needed much more sugar and the addition of cinnamon would have been tasty.  My moms apple crisp is much better!

After our apple shopping. We went to Amicolola Falls to explore.  We were thankful that we could drive to the top of the falls ~ however, standing on the bridge and looking over the falls was a dizzy experience!  Then we drove about 1/2 way down and hiked back to another lookout spot.  The trees were beginning to change colors and we got some gorgeous pictures!  The falls is the beginning of the Appalachian Trail.

view from the top of the falls

North Georgia Mountains

This old pickup did not have a good day~no telling how long it been leaning & rusting on these trees.
Thankful for ~
time together
fresh apples
the beautiful colors of fall
the Lords creations for us to enjoy

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