Wednesday, June 10, 2015

What I Miss ~

*When I am in GA, I Miss ~

my friends
My bed (the air mattress is comfortable but gets old pretty quick)
my comfortable sofa
the internet (we don't have it yet in GA)

*When I am in Mississippi, I miss.....

my Farm
the quiet
my children that have already moved
watching my pumpkin & squash plants get bigger and bigger

*What I miss no matter where I am ~

knowing where all my stuff is
having our possessions in one place
my books ~ they are packed in boxes in moms basement
my craft supplies

Even with our unpainted walls, our ugly blue carpet, our boxes everywhere, the confusion in every room ~ I am ready for our move.  Its happening very soon! 

Blessings from our Savior ~

Gregs job interviews
James' job interview
Amys job
Wills job transfer
interest in our house and the trailer
excitement for our upcoming  mission trip (a first for my niece & nephew)
spending time with family ~ Andy & Amy Kate came this weekend, cookout with A & AK, Amy Lynn & Granny, Allen, Jennifer & Aiden, & James, and going to SC to spend time with Robert & Thomas ~

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