Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Mississippi to Georgia

Our last week has been super busy ~ we drove back to MS from GA last Tuesday.  Took our van in to get some tire work done. Went and ate our last breakfast at Primo's (a yummy Jackson restaurant) and our last dinner at Dickeys Barbeque (technically, there is Dickeys in GA but just not 15 minutes away like we are used to).  We packed the kitchen and finished packing the backroom cabinets and our closet.  We swam in our pool ~ and cleaned it!  We ate some interesting meal combinations, using what we had. We also found someone to take our lab, Rosie....thanks to our friend sharing our "ad" on facebook.

 We picked up the moving truck and started packing it on Friday. Saturday morning, bright and early (7 am), some men from our church came to help load the truck.  They took the beds apart, moved the piano to the truck, got the washer/dryer and fridge loaded, plus most of the other furnishings ~ unfortunately, everything did not fit.  Greg will have to rent a trailer on his last return trip to bring the rest. After he moving truck was crammed full ~ the guys helped Greg take down the large dog chain link pen, finished scooping dirt into the hole to fix a fence post, and dismantled the chicken coop.  We had my van full, the full moving van, and Wills truck was full.

We got to GA about 9 pm an unloaded just a few necessities.  Then we all went to sleep.  On Sunday morning, my sister and her crowd came over and son, Allen to start unloading.  They unloaded all the vehicles.  Then they started helping put stuff up and clipped tree branches and hauled them to the burn pile.  Mom brought over deli meats, cheese, breads, chips, dip & fruit for our lunch ~ thanks Mom.

Greg has riden around, and around, and around the front yard and back pasture on his John Deere.  We've picked squash from our garden.  Discovered our corn was now waist high!  Our pumpkin plants are filled with blooms.  Had a fun dinner last night with our friends from MS (as they were traveling through GA) and we ended the night at Stone Mountain Park watching the Laser Show.

Greg got our cabinet in the laundry room hung up.  We found a tile to use for a back splash behind the mud sink ~ just a little border to protect the wall if water splashes.  The pantry is getting organized.  We are storing extra stuff in the basement & the barn.   I got to work in the sewing room this afternoon.  No sewing yet, but organizing. 

It took me 3 days to find a prescription med.  I still can't find my cell phone/kindle charger.  Took 3 days to find a library book.  Took 2 days to find our silverware ~ thanks Amy. 

We got internet and tv yesterday, so we are back online! 

This is a great adventure and I am thankful to be on it with my husband/best friend.  My family has been very supportive of our move and very helpful. 

Dinner tonight will feature squash casserole....with our homegrown squash! 

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  1. Lordy but if there's a trial in life it's moving. Glad you had so much help getting through it and did it all with such good humour. Great stuff :)


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