Wednesday, June 17, 2015

An Adventure in Red Tape

We went to the DMV today to get our GA drivers license's ~ what an adventure!  And not a good adventure.  We knew we needed some paperwork, some documentation, but this was crazy.....we needed ~

*our old drivers license
*a birth certificate or a passport
*a social security card or W2 with our number on it
*2 pieces of mail with our current address on it

CRAZY involved paperwork ~ if your birth certificate was not in your current name (and no ones would be if they were married) then you also had to have the paperwork trail of the name changes up to your current name.  And social security card is NOT to be used for identification as stated on the back of the card.

But you have to jump through their hoops to get your license.  For me, that involved 2 trips home to look for their required paperwork before mine was issued.

So my question is ~ how do illegal aliens get a drivers license?  They don't have this paperwork.  Or is it just harder for citizens?  Something to ponder!

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  1. California is not a fun place to get your license either. Here most of the illegals use their Mexican drivers license ( they go back to get it renewed or have them mail a renewal. ) or they drive with out a license. One gentlemen I work with ( illegal ) got stopped for speeding and all they did was make him pay the ticket .


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