Monday, June 22, 2015


I am making progress in the house ~

*our bedroom has NO boxes in it!  They are unpacked & everything put away ~ at least till we find more boxes!

*the kitchen is unpacked (the boxes I could find anyway)

*the freezer is full & now locked to keep the door shut (it likes to open and defrost)

*the craft room is unpacked, file cabinet drawers cleaned & consolidated, & I've gotten to sew some yesterday & today ~ working on a quilt I started in the 70's....better late than never!  (It just kept hanging around and the quilt fairy never came, I figured she had ample opportunity to work on this and didn't.)

*Greg hung the laundry room and bathroom cabinets, and they are filled now.

*The garden is plugging along in this heat.  I've picked lots of yellow squash and now blueberries.  I've got tomatoes on 3 of the 4 plants, and loads of blooms on the pumpkin vines.  Gregs picked some of his peppers too.

*Only had to cook Sun.-Wed. last week.  Thursday we ate dinner at Allens, Friday at Moms, and Sat. Greg and I went to eat dinner at Longhorns with a gift card we had been given! 

*The 5 of us have our Georgia drivers licenses.  And 2 of the cars are registered and tagged here, so far.  Not done yet, but its a start.

*I've unloaded a couple of boxes of our books & feel like I've rediscovered friends.  I love books and can read them over and over. 

*We are coming up with some creative storage solutions for our smaller home.

*We are discovering we should have been more ruthless in our donating, tossing, etc. before the move.

*I've signed up to sell and volunteer at a huge consignment sale here ~ goodies for grandbabies!

*Sat down with the boys last night and watched "American Sniper"  ~ oh wow, what a powerful movie.  I could have done without several explicit scenes (James fast forwarded through them) and most of the language ~ but whose to say what my own response would have been or how colorful my speech given those circumstances.

*Getting ready for our mission trip to New York now!  I am greatly looking forward to it since I missed last year! 

Guess its time to do something else......or get on Pinterest for a while ~ guess which option wins! 

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