Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Way to NOT Clean Out Your Freezer

We've been eating lots of leftovers that were frozen and trying to pare down our freezer ~ so as not to waste food.  I've bought very little meat since we have started moving.  But there is a very unfrugal, costly, depressing way to clean out the freezer ~ have the door not close all the way ~ and then not notice for several hours.  This is NOT the recommended way to clean out a freezer.

Most of what we had to toss was leftovers ~ yuck!

We had about 20+ pounds of ground bacon burger (venison) thaw.  That is being cooked today and refrozen either as baked hamburger for meals either with ketchup or alfredo gravy (yum) or crumbled and browned for taco salads, soups, spaghetti sauce etc.  I am thankful that not all of it thawed and non of my pork loins thawed. 

I have packed a majority of the kitchen, so I was thankful that there were 3 pyrex/corning ware dishes I could use for the baked hamburger.

In cleaning out drawers and cabinets we found the key to the freezer ~ I had forgotten it had one.  So the door is locked shut. 

But again ~ this is NOT the way to clean out your freezer.....don't try this at home!


  1. We have had this happen to us also...thus always locking the freezer now.

  2. I've had this happen before too! Last time it leaked out and ruined a whole room of hardware floor. Buckled it all up. Just a month ago.


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