Monday, June 1, 2015


We are currently living in 2 homes in 2 different states.  Most of our boxes are already in GA ~ some unpacked, but only some.  Most of our furniture is still in Miss., but only for a couple of weeks.  When we are in GA, we are sleeping on air mattresses on the floor.  We have a small table and chairs and 2 rocking chairs to sit in to watch movies.  The sewing room is moved and kinda set up, but has a long way to go ~ at least I know where the machines are. 

We have food in the pantry and our small fridge (little freezer space).  3/4 of my plates are there, the rest are here.  As well as mugs, glasses & bowls.  When we had our Memorial Day get together, I realized I didn't have any large bowls there, so I had to raid moms kitchen for the broccoli salad bowl to serve in.  We are using James' pots and pans and his silverware ~ because we have to live & eat in Miss too. 

This is getting confusing & stressful. 

However ~ the timeline is set.  Plans are in place & we are ready to be living in 1 least for a couple of days till our New York Mission Trip!

Prayers would be appreciated for all to fall into place ~ and for our Mississippi house to sell!


  1. Sending prayer your way for the move and Mission trip.. Being a military family I know all about the stress of moving. I was raised and married into the military ,so I never stayed more then 3 years in one place till my husband retired. It does get better and before you know it everything is settled in it's place.

  2. Thanks Michelle! This is my 10th move, ever in my life. I can't imagine doing this every 3 years, bless y'all & thank you for your family's sacrifice for our country!

  3. Hey friend. Seems funny to pray to HELP you get gone, but I surely will.
    It's gonna all be worth it!


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