Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Farm

The lady that owned the "Farm" before us loved flowers/plants.  Almost excessively so.  She also loved that black rubber edging and put it around all her trees in the front yard ~ probably to keep her husband or whoever cut her grass from mowing down her plants that surround every single tree.  Then she circled a large pinestraw island with planters.  Big, little, plastic, ceramic, terra cotta planters. There is one area on the side of the driveway where there are little rosebushes planted in a circle...but nothing is in the middle.  I'm not sure what the point of that was.
While chasing the Chihuahua's one day around the house (their new "game"), I saw this gorgeous flower blooming in one of the pots.  I believe its an Amaryllis.  This one is the most brilliant in color.  The other 2 pots, on either side of it, held the same flowers but they were a lighter pink.  Now, I wonder what I in those other pots.
We have lots of work to do in the beds,  way to many bushes need trimming or removing.  Overcrowding in some areas, is an understatement.  And with being overgrown, they aren't attractive.  And there are probably creepy, crawlies hiding in there that I don't want to know about!

Our garden area  in the back pasture is thriving ~ the pumpkins like that area, as do the squash and corn.  The green beans were nibbled to the ground and the watermelons are slow starting.  The beans, pumpkins, watermelons, squash and corn were started from seed.  The we purchased a grapevine plant, tomato plants, and pepper plants and planted them closer to the house.  The green beans we planted up there, are coming up. Hopefully the dog will keep the rodents away (I can dream!)


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  1. I'm actually thinking hard of putting in a winter vegetable garden here too. Pretty sure my dog has no interest in chasing the rodents away - he's probably the laziest lab that ever drew breath!


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