Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Family Fun at the Farm

Yesterdays Memorial Day lunch was a great example of the old phrase, "many hands make light work".  We had lots of family over fun lunch, games, relaxing, and visiting.  We came up with the idea for a gathering a couple of weeks ago ~ then I remembered that I had a ham & a turkey in my big freezer ~ then the rest of the menu was born.  Greg smoked the ham and fried the turkey, I made broccoli salad & tea & sliced the tomatoes, Allen & Jennifer brought drinks and yummy baked beans, Katie & Bryant brought drinks & homemade chocolate chips cookies (Robert helped with these), my Mom contributed her yummy potato salad, Amy made us cupcakes (with red/blue sprinkles, and my sister Brenda made us a huge vegie tray with dip.  We used plastic silverware, plastic cups, and my clear glass plates.  Everyone ate & ate and then started snacking throughout the afternoon. 

All 3 grandboys were there and enjoyed the sunroom with MaMa & PaPa's toys, and lots of attention.  An almost 3 year old, a 15 month old, and a 9 month old keep things interesting......and by the end of August, our family will welcome another little buddy to the mix.  Our cars & trucks and car rug, plastic animals, and play food/kitchen stuff was well used and scattered all over the porch.  Robert especially loves the "Thomas the Train" battery powered ride on toy that I got at a garage sale for $5.  (Today I found a Little Tikes play kitchen at a thrift store for $10).

Over the weekend, Amy also added to the Jackson Farm Menagerie.  We drove to SC and picked up 2 baby angora bunnies.  They are both females and she named them Ana & Elsa.  They are living at Grannys house with Jack until after we return from our NY Mission Trip next month. 

Thomas decided the train car went faster if you pushed it!

Robert playing on the back porch

Auntie Amy having a play food picnic with the boys

art time with Auntie Amy

My nephew Bobby and grandson Robert with Ana & Elsa ~ Amys new angora rabbits

Aiden & Robert

Hi MaMa

Robert brought Aiden a dinosaur to play with ~ Aiden decided to eat the head

Yummy food!

Bethany, Amy & Bobby

Aidens cutting bunch a bunch of teeth, so everything goes in his mouth to get chewed on

James, Granny, Brenda & Doug

Robert, Thomas, Bryant & Greg

Aiden wasn't  too sure about the live bunny...Auntie Amy wouldn't let him yank on the bunnys ear

Amy, Bethany, Aiden with Ana & Elsa

Robert has a pained expression on his face ~ with Elsa & MaMa

this boy loves the train

new way to ride

Thomas trying to get in on the engineer act

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  1. I love that the rabbits were instantly named Ana and Elsa. I was skyping with my little daughters the other day and said to them "hey, I just noticed how Grace is fair-haired like Elsa and Rachel is dark haired like ANna". Grace corrected me, with the frustration you can only get from a 5 year old discussing Disney "Dad, it's not ANna it's AHna!"


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