Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Change is Almost Done ~

Our 3 day weekend was dominated by the Master Bedroom overhaul!  And we managed to watch a bit of football too!  The weather was kinda dreary & off and on rainy, so being inside wasn't a big deal.  And lots got done!  Pretty much the only things left to do are touch up the trim (pulling off the painters tape pulled off some of the new paint), buying & installing the base boards, moving 1 bookcase back in and arranging the books, and rehanging pictures.  We rearranged the room and it looks huge~ 

New trim color on right side

taping off the ceiling edges

goodbye nasty red carpet! Yay!

Our first run of wood!

vapor, mold/mildew, insulating barrier for under floor

its gorgeous!

James came to help ~ Amy is decorating the slab before it gets covered up ~ Sharpies!

Greg worked really hard all weekend!


Only one row left!  They got the room done in 1 day!

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