Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Life is full of changes.  In our 9 years of marriage (anniversary is next week) ~ we've gone from 6 of our 7 kids at home to the youngest 2 a home.  We have children living in Louisiana, Georgia, & South Carolina.  3 of our children are married & 2 of those marriages have blessed us with 3 beautiful grandsons. 

Changes in the home include taking the flooring out of the downstairs rooms and putting tile in the kitchen, hall, 1/2 bath & laundry room & wood floor in the living room and front hall.  We painted the kitchen including the cabinets & added a slate tile backsplash.  We took the junky utility room in the garage ~ completely cleaned it out and added metal shelves to make a pantry (something this house was sadly lacking).  After Katie got married, I took over her former bedroom & turned it into a sewing/craft room.  (Everything has a place but the state fair is coming and the room is a wreck right now ~ lots of stuff sitting around and projects waiting for completion).   

More home changes are on the horizon!  Or should I say, the immediate future!  I decided a couple of weeks ago that I wanted a new quilt/bedspread/cover/whatever for our bed.  Just something new & different.  Our summer quilt is the yellow/lavender "Trip Around the World" pattern quilt I made as my first big project.  Our winter cover is a chocolate brown comforter from B,B,&B that is quite cozy.  We found one we both like a couple of weeks ago and purchased it.  Then Greg asked if I wanted to paint the bedroom ~ sure, its now painted yellow and needs some help.  Then he came up with a brilliant plan ~ what about ripping up the carpet.....YES!  For some unknown reason, one of the previous owners decided that red carpet would be lovely in the master bedroom~~not!  But we've done our best to ignore it for 9 years!  It will be history soon!  We've found a laminate flooring at Home Depot that is wide "wood" planks that we both like ~ then HD sent us a nice 10% off your purchase coupon for Labor Day Weekend!  Now the whole bedroom is being overhauled ~ we are cleaning out ~ bookshelves are being purged, the large desk & credenza has been moved to James' trailer, and everything will be rearranged (the furniture has to be moved anyway with redoing the floor). 

First plan of attack is to paint the crown molding & trim, plus the bathroom and bedroom doors.   Then the walls!  Flooring & furniture rearrangement.  Then hanging all our pictures in new homes.

Sometimes change is good ~ in this case, it is very good!

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