Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

Anyone know where the title line came from?  Hint ~ its in a movie!

Oh well,  life is getting busy.  I've officially joined the ranks of working outside the home.  Technically, I joined in March with opening my big mouth and volunteering to help move the ceramics shop...which turned into way more work that I ever anticipated.  Officially, I got hired last month.  I am working from about 1 - till whenever we stop...usually about 7.  Greg is working there part time ~ coming in about 4:30 and working till whenever we stop.  He is our muscles for the heavy stuff we just cannot lift. 

We are still sorting molds ~ but can see a light at the end of that months long tunnel.  If they weren't so heavy, it would go so much quicker ~ but some of these things weigh 30+ pounds.  The ceramic molds are made out of plaster.  The tiny ones are easy ~ the ones for vases and large figurines are impossible for me to lift.  When I can work on the molds during the day before Greg comes, he can always tell because there are big ones just sitting there isolated from the stack ~ I work around them.  We have run out of shelf space for our sorting and now have piles sorted against the walls.  But to put up the remaining shelving units we have, the molds have to get moved out of that corner.

It is fun working there ~ we have learned how to pour the ceramics, clean the dried greenware, run the kilns, etc.  Last week I got an impromptu class in airbrushing a piece and I loved it.  My chicken cookie jar turned out very colorful and cute ~

We are also in full fair mode here ~ vacation is in a couple of weeks and everything has to get done.  My friend Angel is going to take our stuff again this year for check in (she is an Angel for doing this 2 years in a row!  Last year was Allens wedding).  When we were working on tagging and inventory sheets during our craft time yesterday, I discovered there was a new category in the crafts section ~ machine embroidery.  Ahhhh, time to kick crafting into high gear and make some items for this category....I said I wasn't going to rush and get additional stuff done, but I am.  But I am not the only one, Angel is entering for the first time this year and machine embroidery is her thing!  So she was coming up with ideas yesterday too!

Greg has the bedroom almost done ~ we just have the baseboards to nail to the walls and I need to rehang the valance over the window.  We've also got pictures to arrange and hang.

Vacation is coming ~ we are going to Disney & are very excited!  Our trip coincides with the annual Epcot Food & Wine Festival ~ the food is awesome from all the different countries ~ I skip the wine part.  We will be there on my birthday this year!  And since we are picking up Granny and she is going with us ~ we will get to see our tiny grand buddy Aiden, the weekends before and after the trip.  We are also staying at a budget hotel on property ~ we will get to ride their transportation for free all week, not have to worry about parking, and get dropped off near the entrance gates.  Disney also offered a promotion during this time for a FREE food plan for every member of the party.  We will get 2 free meals a day, plus snacks. We will also get the refillable cups for free which can be used at any resort, but not in the parks. Free at Disney is cool!  We are going to eat breakfast on our own either in the room or at a local restaurant. 

Heres some pictures ~

My first airbrushed project ~ chicken candy jar

canned 21 quarts & 4 pints of green beans

Amy's gingerbread house for the fair

She made all the candy decorations from clay.

Amy's metal owl "yard art" category entry

everything is finding a home!

Our new baseboards look great

new rugs were bought this weekend

we moved this in from the living room for a little more space

Our football tv watching & book reading & blogging corner!

Oh, I almost forgot....the title line is from "Fiddler on the Roof".

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  1. Oh, your bedroom is beautiful. I know you are not missing that red carpet with all the sewing strings you have! Can you tell I have a quiet moment to catch up - and actually comment!


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