Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Thankful List

Today I am thankful for  ~~~~~~~

*a little bit of cooler weather ~ Saturday was awesome, high was about 73 degrees.  Yesterday was back up to 90, but the humidity was lower.

*crunchy leaves ~ I love walking in crunchy leaves in the fall.

*completed fair projects & some almost completed.

*my weekly craft day with Amy & Angel.

*for steroids, Benadryl & epi pens ~ Allen got stung by something last week that sent him into a bad allergic reaction.  I am also thankful for J & A's quick thinking that got him to the dr. quickly.

*for precious grandchild pictures that are sent to me either by email, text or over facebook.  My little buddies are so adorable.  Last week, I saw Thomas start to crawl, heard Roberts sweet voice on the crawling video, and saw a picture last night of Allen giving Aiden his first bottle.

*for the mold stack at work being completely inventoried and mostly separated.  For some organization with the inventory.  For some ideas to sell discontinued items at a discount.  For progress.

*vacation coming soon!

*for Amazon Prime Unlimited books ~ $10 a month.  I've been able to read some awesome books that I would have otherwise not read except that we paid the $10 to try out the service.  I've probably read over $150 dollars worth of books in 6 weeks!  If you haven't read anything by Karen Anna Vogel ~ check her out.  Gifted writer of Amish fiction.

*for an early birthday gift ~ Greg bought me a new Kindle!

*for fun with Christian friends at choir & church.  Gloria!

*for my new bedroom ~ I love it!

Amen! ~ precious picture!  and awesome Truth!

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