Friday, September 19, 2014

Its Almost Fair Time Again ~

I don't care how prepared I think I am ~ its always a rush at the last minute for us.  Last year was Allens wedding ~ this year its vacation.  Next year, my friend Angel has forbidden me to not be here for drop off...she has taken our entries for 2 years now ~ that is a true friend! 

It really doesn't help that the fair books don't come out till September and drop off is the last Friday in Sept.  They added a whole new category for crafts this year ~ machine embroidery!  Amy & I have been busy sewing, snipping threads, and planning.  I finally just quit working on new stuff ~ 2 days ago. 

Working in a ceramics shop came in handy with us filling all those categories!  We've got some hand quilting, machine quilting, hand embroidery, machine embroidery, ceramics, work working, glass etching, etc. 

boxed and ready to go!

Amy's painted Mickey head ~ its so "girlie" & so "Amy"
And I've already got one done for next year ~ as long as I was paper snipping, I did 2!  Amy called me an over achiever ~ yep, I think she was telling the truth!

I am thankful for ~

time to be creative
friends to create with
craft supplies
bright colors & patterns
free cross stitch designs on pinterest
an over abundance of ideas
for Greg's framing skills for the cross stitch
for my birthday coupon from Michaels ~ got lots of floss
the tags and inventory sheets being done
another year of creativity ready to be judged!


  1. The one on top with the girl hanging clothes - is that your paper snipping? I love it! Alas, sigh, heavy beat of the heart - we have no projects this year. Good luck in all categories, although you rarely need it with your talent. Miss you!

  2. Thanks! This is our mission trip money! The girl hanging clothes is a needlepoint. I had it done last year but it was disqualified because we didn't have the wire hanger on the back! It's done this year!


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