Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Keeping Busy

Yesterday I ~

Prayed for these guys & sent/received lots of texts

Prayed for this guy & learned he is having a GREAT time in Haiti

worked on this quilt

canned 7 quarts of Crowder Peas
Used this stencil set to stencil my bird house for the fair

Ate at Chick Fil A for dinner with Angel & Lauren & brought my big kid back a kids meal!

painted on my ceramics projects

The painting and stenciling was done in the kitchen while the crowder peas were in the pressure canner.  Once they were done, and the pressure came down ~ I took them out and headed up stairs to start sewing. 
I am also figuring out how any more 10 pound bags of frozen vegies I need to get to last a year.  10 pounds of crowder peas or lady peas fills 7 quart size jars.  After filling the jars, there is enough left over in the bag for dinner that night.  If we ate 1 jar of either beans a week ~  the 14 jars would last 14 weeks.  10 more pounds of each would get us to 28 weeks.  30 more pounds of each would get us the whole year.  We buy our vegies from some folks Greg has known for years and they only operate their sales during the spring/summer/early fall ~ so that's why I am trying to decide.  I've also gotta get more green beans to can.
Today I am going to work on my quilt.  And maybe venture into the world of hexagons for a new quilt. 

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