Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Golden Rules of Biblical Interpretation

Defending/Contending had this awesome article yesterday on Biblical Interpretation ~ the link is

Number 3 was one of my favorites ~

3. Allow Scripture to interpret itself and refuse to be clouded by personal doctrinal presuppositions or preferences. This really sets the great Bible expositors apart from those who refuse to depart from their own denomination’s guidelines.

Many times folks approach studying/reading the Bible from their own Personal opinions or from what someone else said that they "admire".  Many denominations have added to what Scripture says to benefit their personal opinions and after many years ~ these additions become part of Church doctrine & no one realizes it was just someones opinion of their interpretation.

The Bible speaks for itself.  It never contradicts itself.  It is the Lords words to us ~ His Children.

If you are questioning a church "requirement", or tradition, or something just doesn't sound right ~ search the it mentioned?  is it a commandment? is it plainly spelled out?  is it properly interpreted from the original text to English?  Is the scripture used to support it taken out of the context in which it was written?  If it is mentioned ~ who was the original audience? 

Questioning what you hear or the teaching you are under, isn't a sin.  Its smart.  Anyone can be led astray, even Pastors or Teachers.  Many will try to argue over tiny, insignificant points to confuse, mislead, or prove their own point ~ Biblical or not. 

Stick to the important ~ Know what the Bible says ~ Pray & seek the Truth ~ Don't be drawn into petty debates ~ if its not Biblical....Run the other way.

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