Tuesday, May 13, 2014


We switched Amy's ballet "school" this year ~ for her last year of dance.  The new place is at a church, 2-3 blocks away from our home.  Her teacher is an awesome young lady who love ballet, and specifically using ballet as a form of worship to our Lord and Savior.  The girls have their ballet lessons and a devotional/bible study. 

Amy was leary about the switch at first but loves it now.  The girls have fun together, are learning a lot, and are beautiful dancers.

Their recital practice was tonight, and the costumes came just in time ~ today.

I love these costumes ~ beautiful!


  1. I love the costumes, but I think I'd have been a wee bit panicked if ours didn't come until the day of recital ... I suppose y'all had a back-up plan?

    1. They came 2 days before recital (its Thursday)....if they had a backup plan I didn't know about it ~ I was getting anxious!


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