Tuesday, January 21, 2014

When Amy Has My Camera ~

Yesterday we worked outside and got lots done ~ and noticed some things that needed to get done quickly...  the weather started out cool but didn't stay cool all day!  We ended up at 70 degrees with bright sunny skies.

Here is Amy's take on the day ~

these little guys are everywhere

tools for the day ~ plus rakes, a tarp & hedge clippers

Those bushes are GONE ~ the ones on each corner remain
 I've been wanting to get rid of those bushes for a long time ~ they always look scraggly and trimming them doesn't help much because they are just sticks underneath.  These are in front of our garage.  When we cut down the ones in front of our bedroom window ~ we found the window sill was rotted.  We replaced all the windows on the back of the house 2 years ago ~ now its time for the front windows.  I am thankful that its just 4 that need to be replaced!  Greg and Will spread mulch where the bushes came out & this summer we are buying Encore Azalea's to plant.  The corner bushes on each end of the garage stayed & the one at the end of the house but the rest are history! 

the Globestar flies over our neighborhood frequently ~ there are 4 or 5 based about 7 minutes from our house, this plane is huge & quite loud when it flies over.

After we cut everything and loaded it onto the trailer, we made a run to the local dump to get rid of the mess.  While there we found a couple of treasures ~ we got 2 wood pallets and some wood , probably left from someones building project...perfect for some of Greg's upcoming wood projects.  Sitting beside one of the dumpters was a wood "potato" box ~ it had a huge crack in the lid...Greg is going to fix the lid with wood glue & Amy is going to use it for her bunny hay & feed. 

Then we ran the rest of our errands, Amy & I took Rosie for a walk, the boys spread the mulch & cut the pallets apart. 

Great Holiday Monday!

I walked across the street to talk with the neighbor for a minute ~ her husband was busy sanding a wood item ~ then he cuts his eyes up at me & tells me this is all my fault ~ then I noticed he was sanding her kitchen cabinet doors...after seeing mine painted she wanted hers done too.  Hahahaha ~ I forgot to ask what color she had picked!

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  1. Wow, I can't remember what I did last Monday but I know it wasn't that much! I think I'm still recovering from the wedding.

    When Gregg and I had a paper route about ten years ago (in Crossgates - we would have delivered yours!) we used to find all kinds of treasures of garbage day. I still have lots of them!


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