Monday, January 20, 2014

Barn Builder

Greg has a new talent ~ he has advanced his wood working skills to encompass barn building ~ on the 18" doll scale!  Greg made this for our little Tapley friends for Christmas for the American Girl Horses ~~~~~~

guess Amy needed to photo bomb the picture!

This is the 2nd year Greg has made the girls a gift for their dolls ~ last year it was beds.

Angel (the mom) has started a special  board on her Pinterest account ~ Doll Furniture Ideas for Mr. Greg! 

Next she wants school desks for the dolls and a table & chairs.  Since Sarah is having a doll party for her May birthday ~ I had already asked Greg to make her an Adirondack chair.

We've found this link on pinterest for a gal that makes doll furniture and mades the plans for most available for free ~
Greg used her plans for the beds and stable!
Between last night and today ~ Greg has gotten on pinterest and set up his own account!  He is finding lots of stuff that it never occurred to me to look for~

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  1. The girls love their things Mr. Greg has built for them! Can't wait for the next things! He really should start selling them :) Facebook yardsale is a great place as well as the craft fairs.


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